NCCSQA/RQA Symposium on Research and GxP Data Integrity

8-9 October 2018
GSK in Research Triangle Park, NC

NCCSQA is partnering with the Research Quality Association to provide you a two-day US Symposium at GSK in Research Triangle Park, NC on 8-9 October. The theme of the US symposium is "Research and GxP Data Integrity."  Please see the agenda for details.

You may register for both days or choose to register for either the workshop which will be offered on Monday or the presentation on data integrity which will be offered on Tuesday. The cost of attending the workshop and/or the presentations is $100 per day. This is an exceptional value for the caliber of the speakers. The Symposium will be limited to the first 35 people to respond for each day.  

The registration link is now available for the Joint RQA and NCCSQA Symposium on Research & GxP Data Integrity at GSK in Research Triangle Park on 8-9 October.

RQA is managing the registration process for the Symposium. Please note the following important information:
1.    Enroll using the web link above.  
2.    Please enter the code ‘NCCSQA’ to receive your membership discount. NCCSQA members receive a discount of $50 per day - $100 per day instead of $150 per day.
3.    If you plan to attend both days, you need to complete a separate registration for each day.
4.    Please complete registration as soon as possible as there is a limited number of spaces due to size limitations of the venue.
5.    If you encounter any registration issues, please contact Jane Moulster at RQA.
6.    If you have any questions about the program, please contact Liz Nulton-Bodiford or Yasser Farooq.