Advertising Opportunities

Anyone, including non-members, wishing to include a job posting or training announcement on the NCCSQA website and/or newsletter may do so at no cost. Submissions will appear on the NCCSQA website for approximately 90 days and in one edition of the QA Communiqué, our quarterly newsletter. Content may be removed from the website before expiring if the editor is notified in advance. If the job advertisement results in hiring, a donation of $50-100 to NCCSQA will be suggested to the hiring firm.

NCCSQA members wishing to advertise their consultant services may include an ad on the NCCSQA website and/or newsletter at a rate of $50 for a half page ad in the newsletter and 60 days on the website.

Advertisements, training announcements, and job postings should be submitted to the Publicity chair via email and include no more than 250 words and one graphic. We will try to accommodate graphics as provided (.jpeg, gif and .png preferred) but not all images may be used. NCCSQA reserves the right to refuse this service for any reason.